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Location, Location, Location

Motel Promo image bwA couple weeks ago I flew down to Calgary, Alberta and toured the surrounding area, gathering footage for the film I’m co-directing, “The Talent Scout.” We drove up and down looking for motels to give the story that “road film” feel.

It was a hot day and the sky was big and open. We drove until our shirts clung to our backs and hair stuck to our foreheads with sweat. It became a real road trip, which only added to the delight of making a film; of taking a camera into the world to see what it has to offer.

I have my parents to thank for showing me the sights. They know the area well and it was their fine efforts that made the trip worthwhile.


Project: The Talent Scout

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Synopsis: Samantha waits tables at a roadside diner where she chances a meeting with a bona fide talent scout who offers her a shot at Hollywood fame. All she has to do is pony up some cash and nail the audition.

A road film by Anita Abbasi and Martin Baena.

Currently in Pre-Production.