Mariah ¡Que Baile! (2017) – in pre-production

Co-Director, Producer (Short/Fiction)

A young woman fears being edged out by her closest friends while she trains for a coveted ballet audition.

Funded through the participation of the Ontario Arts Council


French Poutine (2016)

Co-Director, Producer (Short/Documentary)

Whitney French, Toronto-based poet and educator, takes her typewriter to the streets of Kensington Market’s Pedestrian Sundays event, where she composes poetry for the public.

Watch it Here


The Talent Scout (2015)

Writer, Co-Director (Short/Fiction)

A waitress at a roadside diner meets a talent scout who offers her a shot at Hollywood fame and stardom, all for the low, low price of a hundred bucks.

Screened at: KurzFilm Festival Diessen am Ammersee, 2016

Watch a clip: “The origins of movie stars” and “Jenny’s Do’s and Don’ts”


Spool_promo shot 1

Spool (2015)

Editor, Director (Short/Documentary)

Chronicle of a family vacation in Hawaii, with a focus on the swimming pool.

Watch it on Vimeo

Screenings: Alchemy Film and Moving Image Festival, 2016


The Seventh Art (2013-ongoing)

Lead Video Editor, Director, 2013-15 (Web series)

An independently produced video magazine about cinema with profiles on interesting aspects of the film industry, video essays and in-depth interviews with filmmakers set in casual environments. (Website)


Chance Encounter (2013)

Writer, Director (Short/Comedy)

A woman is approached by a man on the street, claiming to be a former classmate. She does not recognize him but the man insists they catch up on the good old days.

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Office Tea (2011)

Director (Spec Commercial)

The boss  and a subordinate negotiate in code. (Watch)

ROV still

Raising Our Voice (2010)

Editor (Documentary)

Film follows a group of low-income immigrants speaking out against racialized poverty in Toronto. (Watch a Clip)

moonshot 2

Soledad (2009)

Co-Writer, Director (Short/Fiction)

A man searches for other survivors in a hazardous, post-apocalyptic world. (Clip)