Martin discovered early on that telling stories was considered “lying” in some venues and “entertainment” in others, such as theatre and cinema, where it was not only encouraged but rewarded. With this in mind he set out to tell the most entertaining lies possible!

Martin studied film production at Concordia University in Montreal, where he graduated with distinction. From 2013-2015 Martin served as the lead video editor for The Seventh Art, a video magazine with an in-depth focus on cinema. He also contributes to and Screen Rant.

His film projects include The Talent Scout, a noir-ish tale of a wandering con-man; Spool, a Hawaiian travelogue; Retro Shorts, an online series exploring American pop culture through vintage film reels; and Mariah ¡qué baile!a drama about a young, Latin-American ballerina.

Martin is a Toronto-based filmmaker.

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