Whitney Writes!


Ms. Whitney French is a long-time friend and collaborator with my-self and my producing partner, Anita Abbasi. This past weekend we followed Whitney as she took her typewriter – an actual typewriter – to the streets of Kensington Market to compose poetry for the public. Three dollars got you an honest-to-goodness French original poem, which she recited upon completion.

Whitney is energetic, endlessly imaginative, and engaging. It is always a joy to watch her work. The marvel of an analogue technology in this modern, iPhone-toting day delighted many who were drawn to the machine and the woman behind the machine as she wrote tirelessly throughout the day. With a three-word contribution on behalf of the patron to help get things humming and a little patience, Whitney wrote poem after poem; by far our favourite was a comical ode to poutine, which had us in stitches.

During the event Anita and I shot some footage for a short documentary project about Whitney’s busking experience. The footage turned out great with Whitney’s personality and candid demeanor shinning through. We’re excited to continue shooting at the next opportunity and capture more of Whitney’s charm and joie de vivre!


“Talent Scout” Finished.

The film is complete and had an unofficial screening for cast and crew earlier this week. Everyone enjoyed themselves immensely and were thrilled with the final product.

Above is a clip from early in the film. We were fortunate to have Matthew Cerantola in Montreal finish the mix for us (in addition to serving as a sound editor) and Conor Fisher of Alter Ego in Toronto, to grade the image.

I never thought film could look or sound so good.

Oliver, the talent scout

[vimeo 115682549 w=700 h=481]

As we finish the film we are releasing four mini-trailers, each focusing on a different character in the story. Each trailer is made up of a slice-of-life vignette introducing the film’s characters. Since, in a short film, there is precious little time to give a character an intro, we thought we would try doing so as a supplement. Enjoy.

Project Website

“Talent Scout” in the can.

Sam (Shannon Lahaie) and Jenny (Terri Cumming) share a moment during their graveyard shift at the Middle of Nowhere Dine-N-Dash.

Production is wrapped on The Talent Scout. A film by myself and Ms. Anita Abbasi. The project was shot over two days in mid-September with a hand-picked crew and some very talented actors. The film is now in post-production.

Regular updates, behind the scenes photos and more information about the project can be found at talentscoutfilm.com

Elevator pitch

Don’t know what The Talent Scout is about? No problem, here’s a video of us pitching the film.

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And thanks for listening to our spiel.

Another milestone

Fundraising marker 4000We have raised 2k thus far in our campaign to fund our film, The Talent Scout. With 11 days remaining in the campaign, we still need to raise 4k to make budget. Tell your friends, tell your family; there are some great perks to he had at all contribution levels. 

A great big thank you to our contributors for their support and to our future contributors, too! 

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